"I had struggled for years with anxiety and depression, thankfully I found Beverly. She has helped me gain knowledge and skills to deal with my struggle. My life as improved tremendously from applying what she has taught me. Thanks Beverly, you're the best!"
- Lynnette
"Beverly has provided me the space I need to talk through what is going on in my life. She is a fantastic listener, with a well-timed sense of humor that provides much-needed levity when appropriate. She asks questions that are thought-provoking, at times challenging and ultimately guide me to practical solutions. I leave my time with her feeling supported, empowered and lighter in spirit."
- Sarah
"Choosing Beverly Polhamus as my therapist has been the best choice I've made. I attribute the progress I've made in my marriage and daily life to Beverly. She is genuinely interested in my well-being, empathetic, and has a keen ability to help me gain new perspective. Her advice is sound, on point, and easy to understand and apply. I highly recommend Beverly if your're seeking for solutions and results in your life!"
- Andreia
"Beverly saved my life. She tenderly walked me back from the brink of hopelessness and helped me realize the good in myself and the life I still want to live. She was a constant in my journey back to mental wellness. Beverly's listening patience, array of strategies, and wisdom-into-action approach help me battle my chronic anxiety and depression. With Beverly, I never feel judged or like I'm a lost cause as many medical providers make me feel. She reminds me that mental health is a vital piece of overall health. I've seen several counselors throughout my life, but have never connected with anyone like I have with Beverly. She is friendly and warm. I can be very real, honest, and raw in our sessions, and in the same breath we can share a laugh or lighthearted moment. Beverly reads my emotional needs very well, she is very intuitive."
- Jamie